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Purchase Return Policy

Scallywag's does not accept returns for any reason!  We do not sell items that have not been previously viewed by the buyer.  All our items are used; some more than others.  We will help you see all sides everything we can while you are in the store and make every effort to point out any flaws that are known to us prior to your purchase.

We encourage you to "measure twice - buy once".  If it doesn't fit, we're sorry, but we will not accept it for return. 

Once you have viewed the item and made your purchase, we will not consider a return because of something that either you or the staff may have missed.




Dining Tables, Dinettes, Large Desks


We are putting dining tables, dinettes, and large desks on a "will call" list.  We are not accepting them at the warehouse door.  Please send a photo to Scott@Scallywagweb.com and indicate you want to be on the list.  We will call you as soon as sales space is available.