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Welcome to Scallywag's Consignment Furniture

Welcome to Scallywag's Consignment Furniture

"Currently Available" at Scallywag's 
These pages show only a sampling of the many fine consignments we have available. Because most of this furniture is used, some more than others, we insist that you preview every item in the store to see every blemish and mark that may exist.  If you have seen an item in the store but didn't buy at that time, you may complete a sale by calling 828-454-1960 during regular store hours.  We will process a credit card transaction for you over the phone.
If you've been here before and want to see only new items we have processed in the last 7 days, you can link to our new arrivals page HERE.
Please see our "Terms & Conditions" link for more information on layaways, pick-ups, deliveries and more.

Featured Products

  • Sofa Table

    Sofa Table Beveled Mirror Double Bow Front w/ Brown Leather Accents

    • Style = Bow Front
    • Color = Brown
    • Material = Mirror

    Item ID: 171986

    Category: Sofa Table

    Original Price: $300.00
  • Statue

    Statue Light Wood Carved Native American Carrying Deer

    • Style = Nat. Am.
    • Color = Light
    • Wood = Wood

    Item ID: 175280

    Category: Statue

  • Statue

    Statue Chainsaw Art Carved Eagle Flying

    • Style = Chainsaw

    Item ID: 175281

    Category: Statue

  • Statue

    Statue Chainsaw Art Bears in a Tree

    • Style = Chainsaw

    Item ID: 175282

    Category: Statue


About the Store & Staff

Welcome to our store!

Scallywag's Consignment Furniture opened for business on January 2, 2007 We started in just 5000 sq. ft but out grew it in our 5th year when we moved to our current 12,000 sq. ft showroom atop the Muse Business Park hill. So far, each years sales have surpassed the previous years as we continue to grow and serve an ever wider area of the Western North Carolina mountains.

Because new consignments flow in and out of the store on a daily basis, we adopted "I Should'a Bought It When I Saw It" as our motto. As much as you may enjoy our web site, don't wait too long to come and see the real thing or you may find yourself repeating our motto.

Scott Grover Owner/Manager

Scott maintains equalibrium and balance between the staff and the customers. It's probably a good thing he's a libra!

Read Scott's Bio here

Jim Zinsler Owner/Designer

Jim Keeps the store looking amazing every day, day after day! We get acolades for how wonderful the store looks and this is the guy who is responsible.

Read Jim's Bio here

Kerry Webb General Manager

Kerry keeps his hand in every pie so he is on top of everything happening in the store. He balances his work at Scallywag's with his pursuit of a college degree.

Read Kerry's Bio here

Kevin Cordell Warehouse Manager

Kevin itemizes and lists every consignment that comes into our warehouse and makes sure we know who it belongs to. Everything that happens in the warehouse area is Kevin's domain.

Read Kevin's Bio here

Diane Peterson Sales

Diane has been with Scallywag's since our third month in business so if she can't answer your question, no one can.

Read Diane's Bio here

Maria Peterson Designer

Maria is Jim's "Gal Friday" in keeping the store looking like a designer showroom at all times. She keeps Jim sane when you are buying furniture faster than we can move and decorate it.

Read Maria's Bio here



Many Thanks


A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make "Black Friday" the biggest sale day Scallywag's has had in 10 years.  "Small Business Saturday" was also a great success.  We look forward to seeing you all winter long!