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Our primary donation recipient is R.E.A.C.H., the battered women's shelter.  From time to time, donations go to other small local worthy causes to help with their continued growth in the area. 

If you do not notify us that you intend to retrieve your items from Scallywag's by the last pick up date distinctly marked on your consignment contract, we will begin to pull your items off the sales floor sometime after that date and send them on to the most appropriate recipient.  Should something get donated from your account, you can request a donation receipt from our sales desk to use for tax information.  

We do not remind you of the last pick up date.  Your only responsibility after consigning items with Scallywag's is to pick up your checks and let us know what to do with your unsold items.  

We need at least one full day to pull items you wish to retrieve.  You may not do it yourself and we are too busy to do it without prior notice.



Phone Service Again! Yea!!


We're pleased that our phone service is active again.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Any voice mails you may have left during this time have disappeared so if you are waiting to hear something from us you should call again, please.