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Consignment Return Policy

Consignment Return Policy

When you consign an item with Scallywag’s, you are agreeing to allow us to help you sell this piece for a minimum of 80 days. We will not return any consigned items until the contract ending date.

At the end of your contract, we will pull any unsold items in your account that were originally priced over $10. We need at least one days notice of your intent to pick up so that we may pull your items and have them ready for you.

Items priced at $10 or less initially will not be pulled for return but will go directly to a donation site. If you know that you will want a $10 or less item returned at the end of your contract, we prefer that you not leave it with us but instead, take it back within a day of receiving your price list.




Dining Tables


Sorry, but we will not be able to accept any additional dining room tables or dinettes until further notice.  We are overly full with both at this time.  If you have either that you are wanting to bring, please call to be put on a waiting list and we will let you know when space is available.  This is often only a week or two, but we cannot fit any more in right now.