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Accent Chair


  • Accent Chair

    Accent Chair Carved Back Bent Wood Curled Arms & Tan Scale Pattern Cushion

    • Style = Carved
    • Color = Tan

    Item ID: 189043

    Category: Accent Chair

    Original Price: $65.00
  • Accent Chair

    Accent Chair Antique Screw Riser Piano Stool with Spindle Back Dark Carved Wood

    • Style = Antique

    Item ID: 190631

    Category: Accent Chair

    Original Price: $90.00
  • Accent Chair

    Accent Chair Wood Frame Brown Leather with White Hair on Hide

    • Color = Brown
    • Fabric = Hide
    • Material = Leather

    Item ID: 191579

    Category: Accent Chair

    Original Price: $165.00
  • Accent Chair

    Accent Chair Dark Green Bold Floral Walnut with Cane Back

    • Color = Dark Green
    • Wood = Walnut
    • Pattern = Floral
    • Material = Cane

    Item ID: 193591

    Category: Accent Chair

  • Accent Chair

    Accent Chair Modern Black Faux Leather And Chrome Arm Chair - Two Available

    • Style = Modern
    • Color = Black
    • Material = Chrome

    Item ID: 194474

    Category: Accent Chair





Dining Tables


Sorry, but we will not be able to accept any additional dining room tables or dinettes until further notice.  We are overly full with both at this time.  If you have either that you are wanting to bring, please call to be put on a waiting list and we will let you know when space is available.  This is often only a week or two, but we cannot fit any more in right now.